Moving Guidelines

These guidelines will help save us time-and you money!

  • We ask that you move any odd-shaped or awkward objects such as lamps, plants or swivel chairs before Starving Artists Moving comes to your home. We will take care of all of your boxes and furniture, and we're fast!
  • Loose items are difficult to protect and load. We are not liable for open boxes, unpacked miscellaneous items and liquid containers (including propane and gas tanks) and we may refuse to load them onto our trucks.
  • All electronics must be properly boxed and sealed to prevent damage.
  • Any glass mirrors or artwork must be properly wrapped and packed to avoid damage or shattering. If you only have a couple of these items, we prefer you transport them in your personal vehicle to ensure their protection. We will load and unload them from your car for you.
  • Any items with drawers, cabinets, shelves or doors must be completely emptied.
  • Small, fragile and valuable items should be labeled "FRAGILE" on the box that contains them.
  • Please label the rooms that your boxes will be going to in order to ensure an efficient move.
  • We often move lateral filing cabinets and other large specialty items. Please notify us before your moving date of items with challenging size, weight or access.
  • Our team will disassemble desks and tables if you don't have the time to do so.
  • Your presence is required on your moving date, and if you cannot be there, you must designate someone else to be present. We are professionally trained movers, but need your presence to direct as we unload your belongings.
  • Starving Artists Moving prides itself on being owner-operated with a close-knit and experienced crew. We want to get to know you during this exciting experience!
  • If we are providing commercial moving services, they typically take more than one day, multiple locations and several contacts. Please provide us with accurate and up-to-date contact numbers, schedules and access routes. We ask that any elevator reservations are made in advance.
  • We appreciate any gratuities that may be offered to our experts for excellent service, and they will be split evenly between the crew members that move your items.

The Rules

  • We require you to book a two-hour minimum for your move. This will ensure we have the time do our job effectively. Our billing begins from the time we leave our staging area, and billing ends when we return.
  • We reserve the right to:

    • Refuse service if your residence is not ready for moving. This includes but is not limited to unpacked items, having dirty or potentially hazardous items or if we cannot access the residence with our truck. This is at our discretion.
    • Add 15% to our labor charge if
      • There's a long carry from the truck to the home
      • There's more than a 10-foot climb or descent from where the truck is parked.
      • There are more items to be moved than we have listed (20% more items. We will estimate at our discretion)
      • The items are not properly prepared to be moved. This includes unpacked items, dangerous items, or inaccessibility as listed above
    • Bring additional manpower if in our discretion we think it is necessary. We reserve the right to charge at the same rate per man as the initial move.
    • Postpone your move due to inclement weather.
    • We cannot be responsible for any particleboard or laminate furniture under any circumstances. Please move this before we come to your home. Any furniture we move must be strong enough to bear its own weight and all reasonable rigors of moving.
    • We must be notified of any property damage that may have occurred during your move within 3 days of your move date. All items will be covered at 60 cents per pound per article. We can offer additional coverage or third-party insurance. Call us for more details.
    • For third-party moving insurance, please visit this site: to speak with a representative from the insurance company. Any disputes will be settled in Douglas county, KS in accordance with its state laws. Should it become necessary to commence suit for the recovery of payment, you as the customer agree to pay all associated costs including attorney's fees, whether or not the suit proceeds to judgement, for the recovery of any payment due under contract. You shall also reimburse Starving Artists Moving for all necessary expenses associated with keeping and maintaining property as a result of any delay, no matter what reason.
    • We are not responsible for the safety of any persons that are not hired by Starving Artists Moving, including yourself or others involved with the move. We are not responsible for damages to items that are not moved by an employee of Starving Artists Moving.
    • Our deposit is non-refundable. Final payment is due on the date of the move. If you are moving out of the country, we must be paid with cash, credit/debit card or cashier's check. We do not accept third-party or traveler's checks.
    • For value estimates, please use the closest whole dollar figure, based on actual value, for what we are moving. You will be able to list items and values on our online form or on our downloadable form.

    We are happy to answer any questions you may have about these guidelines. Call Starving Artists Moving today to start planning your move (785)-749-5073.