Moving Guidelines

These guidelines will help save us time-and you money!

  • If you want to save us time, handle some objects yourself. Leave the boxes to us (we’re fast) and take care of the odd-shaped objects – lamps, plants, swivel chairs, etc.
  • Loose items are extremely difficult to protect and load. Please keep these to a minimum. We cannot be responsible for open boxes, unpackaged smaller items, plants, and liquid/gas/propane containers, and may not accept them.
  • All electronic equipment-TVs under 16 inches, computers, towers, table-top copiers, etc. must be properly boxed. This applies as well to glass mirrors and artwork under 24 inches long. If there’s only a few of each of these items, it’s best if they are transported in a passenger vehicle. We are happy to load and unload them for you.
  • Please empty refrigerators, steel cabinets and desks. Also, remove small, fragile and valuable items from file cabinets and desk drawers. Please mark all boxes with the room they will be going to. Be sure to mark boxes of sensitive items as “fragile”.
  • We regularly move lateral files and various specialized items. Please notify us beforehand of any such objects that are of challenging weight, size, or access.
  • We are prepared to disassemble desks and tables if you don’t have the time to do so. Steel shelving units are best left intact.
  • Please stand by and direct as we unload. Your presence is important and reassuring.
  • Starving Artists Moving prides itself on being owner-operated with a close-knit, experienced crew. Feel free to get to know us as we are working with you.
  • Office moves frequently involve more than one day, location and coordinating individual. Please ensure that contact numbers, schedules, access routes and elevator reservations are made in advance.
  • If you feel we have made an extra-special effort on your move, we would encourage you to show your appreciation. Any gratuities are split evenly among the crew.

The Rules

  • We have a two-hour minimum, and begin billing from the time we leave our staging area until the time we return.
  • We reserve the right to:
    • Refuse service if, in our discretion: your residence is not ready (still being packed upon our arrival,
      unacceptably dirty, cluttered or inaccessible to our truck); there is a potentially hazardous item.
    • Add 15% to the labor charge on one or both ends if
      • There’s a long carry.
      • There’s more than a 10-foot climb/descent from where the truck is parked.
      • There’s 20% more items to be moved than was listed.
      • You’re not ready as discussed above.
    •  Bring on additional manpower if in our discretion, this is necessary.This will be charged at the same rate per man as before.
    •  Postpone due to inclement weather.
  • We cannot be responsible for particle board(laminate) furniture under any circumstances. Furniture must be strong enough to bear its own weight and all reasonable rigors of moving.
  • If you choose to provide help with the move, we cannot be responsible for these person’s safety, nor for the items they are assisting with.
  • Our deposit is non-refundable. Final payment is due when the services are rendered. For moves going out of the country, we need to be paid by cash, credit card or cashier’s check. We do not accept third-party checks.
  • We must be informed of property damage within 3 days. All items are covered at 60 cents per pound per article. We can offer additional coverage or third party insurance. Please ask for details. For third party moving insurance click the link: for more information and to talk to a representative from the moving insurance company. Any disputes will be settled in Douglas County, Kansas in accordance with its laws. Should it become necessary to commence suit for the recover of payment, customer agrees to pay all associated costs, including attorney’s fees, whether or not the suite proceeds to judgement, for the recovery of any payment due under this contract. Customer shall also reimburse Starving Artists Moving for all necessary expenses incurred in keeping and maintaining property as a result of customer’s delay, no matter the reason.
  • We ask that you provide a single dollar figure for what we’re moving. Don’t break out all of your old receipts! Simply walk through your home and come up with an upward limit on the value of everything we’ll be moving, based on actual value. You will have an opportunity to put this on our online form or the downloadable form.